Tried & True Facebook Advertising Angles That Sell

Every Facebook Advertising Campaign is different. From who you’re targeting, to the image or video alongside it, an ad is as unique as the person creating it. But while every ad is unique, they are also very similar. For years, successful marketers and advertisers have relied on different advertising angles to sell their products or services and you see these same advertising angles time and time again. Why? Because they work, especially online and definitely on Facebook.

When most people first dip their toes in the Facebook marketing game they focus mainly on targeting for their ads. Demographics, regions, cities, interests, behaviors, etc. and they lose focus on the most important aspect of the ad; the COPY!

They’ll launch one ad set, with one or two pictures and leave it at that. Then they’ll spend hours and hours finding the perfect interests and behaviors to target and flex target.

(flex targeting is basically setting up two conditions a person must pass through in order to see your add. Ex:  If they like dogs and if they like fishing they’ll see this ad)

The worst part is they’ll put little to no focus on the copy.

And then they’ll complain about their short-term success, blaming it on saturation or the ad not being refreshed.

This blog isn’t going to be the all-encompassing lesson on the method above but rather a breakdown of one element; the advertising angles. By the end of this blog, my goal is to have given you some insight into multiple tried and true advertising angles that have reaped massive benefits both in print and online like Facebook.

Let’s dive in…


The Facebook Advertising Angles

The first step in creating an ad whether on Facebook or in print is to decide what angle you want to use. I’m going to outline 10 very powerful angles that bring results not only for my clients but for people all over the world.

Advertising Angle #1: How To

The ‘how to” advertising angle is one of the oldest in the book yet I still see it almost every day. Why? Because it WORKS!

I bet 90% of the time you go to Google and type something in it starts with “how to”.

People want answers and they want them fast and you’re going to show them how to do it.

Keep in mind, with this angle people don’t like broad explanations (i.e. make money online selling stuff)

What people really want is something more calculated (i.e. how to make money online using this simple method)

The “How To” accomplishes this by providing the viewer a solution through certain systems or steps that solve their problem.


  • How To Make Money Online Using Facebook
  • How To Lose Weight With This One Simple Trick
  • How Spending $50 Can Save You $10,000
  • How To Never Regret A Decision You Make Again

The key to this ad angle is to understand what your target market wants.

Pro tip: always talk in your market’s lingo

  • How Dentists Are Getting More Patients
  • How Realtors Are Dominating Their Local Market
  • How Realtors Are Getting More Buyer & Seller Leads
  • How To Reduce Back Pain With One Workout

Advertising Angle #2: Positive Minus Negative

This advertising angle is similar to the “How To” angle except it incorporates excluding something that your market doesn’t like.  

You’re going to have to do a little more legwork with this one since you’ll want to know both what your client wants and also doesn’t want. The doesn’t want is generally a pain point they want to avoid.


  • How To Get More Lead Without Cold Prospecting
  • How To Lose Weight, Without Going To The Gym
  • How To Reduce Stomach Pain Without Any Pills
  • How I Quit My Job Without Having Any Skills
  • How To Book Meaningful Consultations Without Cold Calling

The key idea here is to offer something your client wants while also eliminating a pain point they might have. You need to understand what they want and don’t want to.

Advertising Angle #3: Steps

People want clear, simple steps to solve any problem they have. As easy as possible really.

The principle behind this ad angle is you’re giving the client the steps they need to take in order to achieve something they want.

It’s sort of similar to the other angles as well.


  • 5 Steps To Getting More Clients
  • 10 Steps Savvy Entrepreneurs Take To Get More Qualified Leads
  • Lose Weight With This Simple 2-Step Program
  • Watch This Video To Discover Our 3 Step System To Get Your First Client
  • Learn Any Language With This Incredibly Easy 5-Step System

Advertising Angle #4: The Secret

People are curious creatures, no doubt about it. We’re always wondering what we’re missing out on or what’s inside, use this to your advantage!

If you’re taking this angle, try and make your ads seem interesting, intriguing.

Your goal is to make the reader think “what will I miss out on if I don’t view this?”

The challenge is in figuring out what makes the client “tick”


  • The Secret To Getting More Women
  • The Secret To Getting More Plumbing Contacts
  • The Secret To Closing Clients In One Phone Call

This is a very easy, plug and plays ad angle that has been used for years.

Advertising Angle #5: Emotional Story

Everybody loves a story!  If you’re really dialed in your ideal customer you’ll know exactly what they’re likely going through. Try crafting a story around them and really step into their shoes.

After all a persuasive ad is one that resonates well with your customers.


  • 2 Years Ago I Was A Broke College Drop Out Then I…
  • My Family Doubted Me, They Didn’t Believe I Could Succeed, Then I…
  • Joey Wasn’t Bringing In The Bank, His Wife Was Becoming Disappointed, Then He…
  • The Bank Was About To Foreclose My My Home, The Look In My Kid’s Eyes Was Heartbreaking, So I…

Once again, if you don’t know much about your ideal client or haven’t really chiseled away at them then this angle might not work the best for you. But, if you have then a powerful, long-form advertisement like this will work wonders.

Your ideal client will acknowledge that you understand where they’re at and they’ll be less skeptical.

Advertising Angle #6: Acknowledging Skeptics

Do you have a warm audience already? The use of this.

People are naturally skeptical, so in theory, if you start your advertisement by acknowledging that people are skeptical, they’ll trust you more, and be less skeptical.

Crazy how that works huh?


  • They Said I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing….They Were Wrong
  • Jonah Said My Course Was A Scam….Until
  • Brad Said He Didn’t Believe I Could Get Him Leads…
  • Maggie Said No Dentist Could Fix Her Teeth.

The goal of this angle is to get in front of any skepticism and criticism, acknowledge it, and then tell a story around it.

Advertising Angle #7: Controversy

Massive attention driven by a controversial heading is what’s behind this angle.

Ideally, your potential client will resonate with it or will have some sort of emotional reaction to it.


  • Why Plumbers Are Going Out Of Business
  • Why Our Clients Are Going To Put You Out Of Business
  • Financial Advisors Are A Dying Breed

Have fun with this one. This is your chance to stir up some drama.

Advertising Angle #8: Asking Poignant Questions

The goal of this angle is to get the client thinking using their own devices, so that they come a conclusion which is theirs, but influenced by you.

A good example is if you’ve ever made a cold call you’ve probably asked proactive questions to get the person to say something in your favor. Well this is also effective in advertisements.


  • Did You Want To Make More Money Without Working A 9-5 Job?
  • Did You Want To Have More Freedom In Your Life?
  • Do You Want To Learn A New Language?
  • Do You Want To Lose Weight Without Any Fancy Gym Memberships Or Pills?

It’s okay to be controversial with this one but make sure you focus on what your client wants.

This is a great angle that works for any industry, but it’s crucial you focus on your client.

Advertising Angle #9: The Hoax

The hoax angle is a great way to get your customers on your team. The idea is similar to controversy – create attention.


  • The Great Cold Calling Hoax
  • Women – You’re Doing It Wrong. Here’s How You Can Get The Man Of Your Dreams
  • Stop Waiting For Referrals – Watch This Video To See Us Debunk This Method
  • Stop Buying Headache Pills. The Great Big-pharma Hoax Revealed

Advertising Angle #10: Breakthrough

With the breakthrough angle you can re-engage an audience that is already somewhat familiar with you. You can also use this on cold traffic, if your headline is tailored properly to you audience.


  • This Is Incredible, I’ve Just Discovered A Breakthrough Way To Triple Your Sales.
  • Savvy Business Owners Are Using This Breakthrough Method To Get New Clients

Advertising Angle #11: What You’re Doing Is Wrong

This angle is basically used to destroy preconceived belief that your clients might have. It’s a very powerful angle when used correctly.


  • Why Cold Prospecting Is Dead Wrong
  • 3 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman
  • Don’t Go To College! Your Parents Advice Is Wrong.
  • The One Thing You Should Never Say On Sales Calls


Now that you’ve got 10 powerful ad angles it’s time to add on 2 more crucial elements to the Facebook ad copy – the body and the call to action. We’ll save these two for another time, for now work on perfecting your ad angles. Let me know how you’ve used ad angles in the past! What worked and what didn’t?

As always if you’d like to chat about your digital marketing efforts let me know by filling out my contact form here.

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