What Every Digital Marketer Can Learn From MVMTForHer (1)

What Every Digital Marketer Can Learn From “MVMT For Her”

If you’re a digital marketer you probably know that quality branding can help any company do more business.

Coke doesn’t sell more soda for the flavor, they sell because of their brand.

Starbucks isn’t the best coffee, but they have the best brand.

And MVMT isn’t the best watch company but they’re damn good at defining their brand. So good in fact they were able to recently sell their online e-commerce business for $100,000,000.

So why do they succeed? How do they succeed? And how can you do it too?


Check this out…

E-commerce is a great way to make some money online nowadays, it requires little overhead and just about anyone can do it.


Just because anyone can do it doesn’t mean everyone will succeed.

Where many brands go wrong in the e-commerce space is thinking that writing copy and advertising based on their products features is what sells.


There are SO MANY OTHER PRODUCTS that do the exact same thing your does, has the exact same features yours does, looks the exact same as yours does.

The online retail and e-commerce space is only going to grow, there are only going to be more people doing exactly what 4 others before them have done.

So how do you successfully sell then?

You brand.


Take MVMTforher as an example.

MVMTforher is the women’s branch of the MVMT brand, they sell sunglasses and watches for women. Great, how many other businesses are selling sunglasses and watches for women? Lots.

So why are they a $100m company?

3 simple reasons…

They target a SPECIFIC type of women, not all women.

MVMT is incredibly picky and strategic when choosing who to do business with. Their influencers all have the same vibe and they’re unwilling to compromise on anything less.

If you do not align and resonate with their demographic, sorry, you gotta go and you don’t belong.

They sell IDENTITIES, not products.

MVMTforher does not sell sunglasses and watches.

They sell memberships to be a part of their exclusive, chic group of women who are held to a higher standard and live adventurous, Instagrammable lifestyles.

“Join the MVMT”

They are a BRAND, not a store.

No matter what they post, no matter what ad they run, and no matter what copy they write, it’s all precisely targeted to appeal to the Soho fashion loving, avocado eating, urban, millennial, bougie city chick who loves traveling to warm weather places with clear blue water and amazing sunsets.

And you know what, all this is fine because this is business. Define your customer, carve your niche, and profit.

The next time you’re trying to sell online, whatever it might be, focus on who you’re selling too.

Sell they lifestyle, not the product.

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